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      Multi-function Radar Colorful
      Fish\Water Depth Sounding Machine
      Multi-function Ship Carried Terminal
      Ship Carried Equipment
      Satellite Navigation \Plotter Track
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      ADDRESS: 漳州市金峰開發區北斗工業園
      TEL: 0596-2526123 
      FAX: 0596-2525123
      EMAIL: 2744750139@qq.com
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      Machine Size:304mm×204mm×93mm (including machine foot )
      Color LCD: TFT 640×480 display points
      Input voltage: DC11-40V (standard DC+13.8V)
      current:1A(input voltage 13.8V)
      Ambient temperature: 0°C-50°C
      GPS re-position time: 30 seconds or less
      Geodesic of the WGS-84 (based on user requirements, can be set to test other lines)
      Speed precision: 0.1 knots, heading accuracy: 1 °
      Speed data can be an average of 16 stalls, derection data an average of 32 stalls
      Bathymetric temperature accuracy: 0.1 ℃
      Charts ratio:0.01NM-200NM
      The average time of charts redraw :less than 1 second
      Can store track points: 25000 points, 7 color options
      Destination can be set (route points): 300
      Finalized marks can be set (of points): 2000, 9 kinds of shape options
      Route : 20
      Isobath (water lines) :18(option)
      Screen display:1.map navigation;2.compass 3.fish exploration4.data navigation
      Input and output interface specification: NMEA-0183
      Fisheries exploration frequency: 200 KHZ
      Fisheries exploration Peak power: 250W
      Zhangzhou Xiangcheng-Huarun Electronic CO.,LTD

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